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Felting Beads 

We will be needle felting and wet felting in this two hour class to create unique beads from wool fibers, silk threads, silk noil, wool yarn, contrasting wool fibers and angelina.  Each person will have time to make 5 to 7 beads to take home to use for making jewelry, mobile, ornament, interior decor or a cat toy.Type your paragraph here.

Felting a Landscape 
In this two day felting workshop you will combine the use of wet and needle felting to make a felted landscape wall hanging.  $85.00 fee includes hand dyed wool fibers, felting needles and use of needle felting work surface.  In the first class you will learn to wet felt wool to make your canvas which needs to dry. In the second class you will needle felt into your wool canvas to create a design of your choice.  

Students need to bring a landscape sketch or photo to work from, an old bath towel, hand towel, two pieces of bubble wrap approximately 18" x 18", an 8” to 10 plastic bowl,  ivory hand dish washing detergent  and 2 plastic grocery bags.

Felting a 3-D Vessel
In this four hour class you will learn to make a vessel working with a flat resist, wool, embellishments and openings.  You will have the opportunity to use ballons for shaping, then learn to refine and finish your felted wool vessel.  $65.00 fee includes all wool. 

Participants need to bring a 6” to 8” plastic bowl, ivory dish soap, old bath and dish towel, 2 plastic grocery bags, 2 pieces of 24” square bubble wrap (small bubbles), scissors, ball brause or something to spray water.

Felting Flowers
In this two hour class we will felt wool, into flower shapes using the wet felting technique.  Flowers can be used for jewelry and sculptures.  Beginners and improvers and welcome.  $25.00 fee includes all wool. 

Participants need to bring an old bath towel, 12” x 12” piece of bubble wrap (with small bubbles), small bowl for hot water and plastic grocery bag.

I teach felting and would be happy to talk to you about classes in a group setting, at an art center, your club or your party.  


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