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I am a felt artist who uses felting techniques to create 2-D landscape wall hangings and 3-D sculptures with wool sheared from my own sheep, I also

teach felting.   

If someone had told me I would be living on a farm and raising sheep, when me and my husband and our three small children, moved from Maryland to Ohio, fifty years ago, I would have told them they were crazy.  It didn’t take long, for us to grow to love our new life on a farm.

After my husband and I bought some sheep for our children’s 4-H projects, I realized that I liked sheep and wool and started building a flock of my own.  Soon I began learning about wool, how to spin, needle felt and the ancient technique of wet felting and I continue to learn about felting by taking work
shops from well established felt artists to learn new techniques.

I love wool and enjoy felting with my hand dyed wool because of it’s traits to be manipulated into shapes, it’s textures, colors, feel, and surprises. My work combines my interest in gardening, farming and being in the woods.


Below is a 4 minute video of me felting one of my wall pieces.

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The pieces shown on my website are examples of my style and technique.  If you are interested in purchasing an available piece or commissioning me for other work, please  contact me.

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